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Phoenix1969's Lisk Delegate Pool

This pool was created in order to give you an extra bonus for voting Phoenix1969 in addition to the 25% you will get from me via Elite; 20% directly from my delegate, for a total of 45% in your wallet from Phoenix1969 and an additional 5% going to the Lisk Sidechain project development fund managed by elite. In order to start collecting you need to vote for Phoenix1969 (8668463642800443353L) via LISK NANO or web client. More delegate information can be found in the Stats tab. Pool will proportionally share 20% of forged blocks. This pool is working on main network. Payments interval is weekly if earned more than 1 LISK. If you voted for Phoenix1969 information will appear on Stats tab as soon new block is forged.
Transparency Log and Delegate info

Last updated: September 8, 2017